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Targeted Cohorts - Participants

Cohorts - Participants Targeted:

Young Caymanians

  • Passport2Success is for young Caymanians age 17-23 yrs who are interested in self-improvement and professional development. If you believe that you are capable of much more and simply need the support and tools to reach your goals, than this programme is ideal for you. Participants must be willing to commit to full attendance and be genuinely invested in their own future. Passport2Success is for those individuals motivated to change, who are ready to put in the effort at securing a better future.

Single Mother Cohort:

  • The Single Mother’s Cohort provides all the wonderful things that P2S has to offer, but geared towards the unique needs of single mothers. Along with personal and professional development, this specialized programme will provide a wealth of information about important topics related to child development and effective parenting.

Special Needs

  • The Special Needs Cohort is geared towards the unique needs of those with disabilities. This specialized programme includes an in-depth assessment, and topics that focus on independent living as participants work towards building the requisite skills for employment.