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How does Passport2Success work?

The Passport2Success programme provides training to young Caymanians to help them succeed in the work place. Passport2Success helps them to improve skills, gain work experience, earn rewards, find employment and fulfil their potential. Passport2Success is government funded so there is no cost to participate.

Each participant gets their own passport, and earns stamps in their passport for successfully completing parts of the programme. Each stamp tells a potential employer that the passport holder is skilled in a particular area. The more stamps you collect, the more employable you are!

Each participant will take part in the following core components of the programme:

  • Education – attend classes to provide them with basic skills. Classes will use a face-to-face delivery method, in which the tutor shares a physical space with programme participants.
  • Employability workshop – attend workshops about subjects such as: resume writing; dressing for success; interview skills; and pride in performance.
  • Work experience – go on job placements in companies and organisations whose business is related to your chosen career; gain work experience and develop decision-making skills
  • Extra-Curricular activities – such as community service.
  • Stipend – each participant will earn a weekly stipend for successfully taking part. A bonus can be earned by meeting criteria such as behaviour and attendance standards.


Other features of the programme include:

  • Activities are hands-on and practical
  • Emphasis on adult literacy
  • Integration of general life skills and career specific vocational education
  • A career pathways approach
  • Adult based learning methods (such as group and practical exercises)
  • Real world perspective
  • Guest speakers from local businesses and industry
  • Fun team building activities