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What is Ready2Work KY?

Ready2Work KY is a pathway to employment initiative that supports employers as they make best efforts to employ Caymanians and support unemployed Caymanians as they seek to access employment. Through Ready2Work KY, employers identify unemployed Caymanians they believe have the potential to become valued employees. While the employer focuses on training in the area of technical and subject matter skills and expertise, Ready2Work KY delivers structured training, individual and group support and other services to address a range of barriers to accessing and maintaining employment.

Ready2Work KY provides training and development opportunities for those who require tooling and upskilling, the development of employability skills and soft skills training in access and maintain long-term employment.

This initiative connects unemployed Caymanians with short-term employment opportunities in the private sector designed to lead to long-term employment. By addressing both the direct and indirect barriers to employment this initiative supports job seekers as they seek to access and maintain employment.

Subsidized by the Cayman Islands Government and delivered in partnership with the private sector this pathway to employment programme provides an opportunity for the Cayman Islands Government to address the issue of unemployment head on by facilitating a meaningful engagement between private sector employers and unemployed Caymanians.

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