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Practical information for participants

Practical information:

The Passport2Success programme is full time, 5 days a week, from 8:30am to 4pm.

The programme lasts for 8 or 16 weeks which includes a week of community service and work placement days. Cohorts usually run as follows:

January to April (17-24 year old)

May - June (Special Needs)

July - August (15-17 School Leavers)

September to December (17 - 24 / Single Parents)

The curriculum is ever evolving as Passport2Success grows and tries to meet the demands of every participant. However certain information is taught to every cohort and this includes:

Topic / Main Lessons


  • Getting to know each other / Group Rules / Campus Policies
  • Lots of paperwork

Introduction to the World of Work

  • Understanding the Labour Law
  • Understanding Employment Contracts
  • Probationary Periods
  • Exploring business practices

Effective Communication

  • Barriers to Communication
  • Understanding Communication Styles
  • Formal vs Informal Communication
  • Improving written and oral communication
  • Understanding non-verbal communication
  • Exploring Work Place Communication
  • Introduction to public speaking
  • Body language

Problem Solving in the Workplace

  • What does your ‘attitude’ say about you?
  • How to avoid conflicts at work / Improving your negotiation skills
  • Being a team player

Making a Positive First Impression

  • What does your email address / phone message say about you?
  • Personal hygiene & appearance
  • Protocol of shaking hands / Basic business etiquette
  • Time management strategies

Technology in the Job Search

  • Basic computer skills needed for the workplace
  • Conducting a job search / researching a company
  • Creating a resume / Writing professional emails / Selecting references

Community Service Projects

  • Finalize and complete all community service projects

Getting Ready for Work Experience

  • Finalize all work experience details, agreements, placements

Wrap-Up / Commencement Planning

  • Finish up all tasks, revise resumes with P2S Graduation and Work experience
  • Prepare for Commencement Ceremony / Complete Programme Evaluation