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Mervin Manderson Appointed as Acting Deputy Director of Compliance

12th May 2020


Mervin Manderson has been appointed as Acting Deputy Director of Compliance at WORC effective May 4th 2020. His career began with legacy Cayman Islands Immigration Department back in 2007 where he spent 3 years working in the border control, air and seaport department and then in 2010, moved over to Enforcement and remained there for 9 years.

In 2013 Mervin was promoted to Senior Immigration Officer of Enforcements and was responsible for overseeing criminal investigations, supervision of deportations, asylum processes and the repatriation of Cuban migrants and managing a team of 8 junior officers and 2 support staff. He also acted as Assistant Chief Immigration Officer from 2018 -2019, responsible for the management of 4 Senior Immigration Officers (Compliance), in that unit.

With the formation of WORC, Mr Manderson is the Compliance Manager with the main responsibilities in handling investigation into breaches of the immigration law and any other Immigration Board or administrator concerns. He manages the operations of 8 Compliance Officers and 2 internally seconded staff members.

Mervin has been recognized for his thoroughness in the execution of his duties and was awarded the Chief Officer and Deputy Governors award in 2017.

Mr Manderson said this about his appointment “I would like to thank Acting Director Jeremy Scott for the opportunity to act in the Deputy role and thank you to the Ministry of Employment and Border Control for your support. As a nation we are facing very challenging times with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation and I will endeavor to do my absolute best to provide any and all support needed to the Acting Director, the Ministry and my amazing team. My goal whilst in this role is to ensure that the WORC Department and the people of this country are in as best a position as possible, at the end of this pandemic. I am  privileged and proud to serve this country and my people.”

Acting Director Jeremy Scott says “I know that Mr Manderson will do a great job acting as Deputy and with his experience and vast knowledge of the immigration system and processes, I am confident he will be able to guide and lead his team with professionalism, dignity and respect.” 

Mr Manderson was also redeployed and sworn in to assist the RCIPS in securing and enforcing the curfew times due to Shelter in Place Regulations implemented by the Government to reduce the risk of spread and exposure to COVID-19.