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WORC Employment Services Seeing Positive Results

Thursday 30th April 2020


Jobs are being found for Caymanians who have registered with Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman, as WORC’s employment services unit continues to match jobseekers with employers in both the public and private sectors – even during the Cayman Islands’ COVID-19 response.

For example, one woman had her own business and had recently started work in another sector as well. But due to COVID-19, both of these became unsustainable. WORC assisted her by informing her of a job opportunity which she took, and she’s now able to provide for her family during these difficult times.

She said, “I am beyond grateful to receive work especially during this COVID-19 crisis, and to know that we have a team helping people like me is reassuring.”

Another person that WORC helped to find employment was a hospitality industry employee. He and his wife live with his elderly mother, and both of them lost their incomes in relation to COVID-19. With income from his new job the man can continue to share, with his siblings, caregiving responsibilities for his mother.

WORC also assisted in placing an ex-offender, who participated in WORC’s Second Chances programme for those having served time in HMP Northward. He said, “I am very happy and thankful for the job opportunity.”

Employers, too, can register job openings with WORC using the JobsCayman online portal.


“WORC helped me to adapt to the new way of business in the current environment, especially with the influx of businesses needing my services,” said Melesia Adderly. I appreciate the help I received.”


Tania Ebanks, who manages the employment services unit, said WORC officers stand ready and willing to help everyone who registers for their support.

“We understand the importance, now more than ever during these times, to assist Caymanians by matching them to positions with companies that have registered with WORC,” she said.

Caymanians who need employment can still register with WORC. And, since WORC has changed their registration processes in order to continue providing services during the COVID-19 response, there are now three ways to do so, Ms Ebanks said.

  1. To use JobsCayman persons will need a desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Mobile phone registrations are not available at this time. Visit for registration instructions.

  2. To begin the registration process by phone, call 244-4020, 244-4021, 244-4026 or 244-8087 between 10am and 4pm on weekdays.

  3. To begin the registration process by email, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ms Ebanks emphasised that business owners who want to register new positions and /or would like to hire staff can use the same numbers and email address as previously stated or visit