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WORC Announced As New CIG Department

Taking steps toward fulfilling the campaign mandate of establishing a new department geared towards restructuring the country’s labor market, the Cayman Islands Government has announced WORC, “Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman,” as the name of the department that will take the initiative forward.

“With WORC, we are redesigning how employment and workforce development in the Cayman Islands is managed, with a focus on two inter-related elements:  full Caymanian employment and a well-supplied business community that is globally competitive,” Interim Director of WORC Sharon Roulstone said.  “This is not simply a merger of the Department of Immigration and the National Workforce Development Agency, it is entirely brand new,” she continued.

The new department aims to deliver durable employment and opportunities for the advancement of Caymanians through development, training, internship, apprenticeships and partnerships with private sector businesses. Additionally, the department will have responsibility for the processing of work permits, permanent residency and Caymanian Status applications. 

“WORC’s business processes and technology platforms will not only help Caymanian job seekers and employers more efficiently find each other through an online jobs clearing house, it will help identify, train and develop those Caymanians who need additional skills and support to effectively compete in and provide value to the job market,” Ms. Roulstone explained.

“WORC will also engage with the business community and incorporate new systems and processes that enable us to collect the data needed to make informed decisions going forward,” she said. “By analysing the data collected, we can inform learning institutions and training programme designers on gaps in the labour market, so they can tailor their programme to best prepare Caymanians for roles that will be in demand."

The new department was envisioned by the Premier and Minister for Human Resources & Immigration, Hon. Alden McLaughlin.

Through this reform initiative, our objective is to ensure all Caymanians successfully attain employment, where every Caymanian who is able, willing and qualified to work has a job,” Mr. McLaughlin stated.

 He added: “The key to growth is a flourishing private sector business community, but to grow sustainably. Cayman’s robust economy was founded on the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Caymanians, and we plan to continue our progress forward leaving no one behind.”

The change process to develop WORC is in progress with completion scheduled for summer 2019.