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Ready2Work KY - Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What is the Ready2Work KY Programme?
Ready2Work KY is a pathway to employment and a public/private initiative that supports employers as they make best efforts to employ Caymanians and support unemployed Caymanians as they seek to access employment.

2.Who is eligible to join the Ready2 Work programme (Phase 2)?
Caymanian (17 years of age and older); unemployed or underemployed; desire support with accessing and maintaining employment; and successful completion of Employability Skills Training (E101) – Phase 1.

3. What is Phase 1 of the programme?
Employability Skills Training (E101) - 100% attendance is required over 10 business days. WORC partners with facilities to provide employability skills and soft skills training. Employment Service Officers (ESO)can then recommend for Phase 2.

Phase 2 is Dependent on:
-Readiness for Employment – assessment
-Professional Development Plan
-Any other training needed before referral to employment

4. If participants have completed Phase 1 - Employability Skills (E101) how do they move on to Phase 2 – Ready2Work?
Participants are expected to complete theReady2Work Participant Expression of Interest Form located on

5. Who is responsible for job placements?
Ready2Work KY Programme Coordinator partners with Employers to ensure that participants successfully connected with short-term placement opportunities with the potential of becoming long-term employment.

6. How long is the job placement?
Participants will be provided with a short-term (6 month) employment opportunity that has the real potential of transitioning into long-term employment.

7. Will participants be evaluated?
Yes, through formal and informal assessments the participant progress is tracked and services and support are adjusted to align with the needs of employee participants and employer partners.

8. Will participants get paid?
Yes, by the Employer.

9. Is a subsidy provided to Employers?
Yes, terms and conditions apply.

10. Is additional training provided for participants to assist with them becoming job ready?
Yes, participants should consult with their Employment Services Officer (ESO) to discuss training needs.