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Employers - Connecting with your next Employee

How do I connect with my next employee?

Ready2Work KY partners with private sector employers seeking to connect with local talent. Employer partners identify a short term (6 months) employment opportunity that has the real potential of transitioning into long-term employment. WORC partners with the employer to identify and unemployed Caymanian with the potential to become valued employees and whose skills and experience are aligned with the job description.

Support and services available to the employee include access to training and development, counselling support and, based on need funding to access childcare. In addition, based on the needs of the private sector business, a subsidy can be accessed which provides funding to assist with the costs of the selected candidate participating in the programme. By providing support to address both direct and indirect barriers to employment Ready2Work KY facilitates a meaningful engagement between private sector employers and unemployed Caymanians.

Through the support of the Ready2Work KY Programme Coordinator, employer partners are provided with HR support to ensure the match has the best chance of success and to facilitate the short-term opportunity resulting in long-term employment. The participants spend majority of their time mastering the skills of the job, while the employer focuses on training in the area of technical and subject matter skills and expertise.

Through formal and informal assessments, progress is tracked and services and support are adjusted to align with the needs of employee participants and employer partners.

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