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What We Believe

To drive social and economic prosperity for Caymanians and the Cayman Islands through extraordinary service and respect.


Leading the pursuit of full Caymanian employment and economic prosperity for all through service excellence.


WORC maximises human capital, strengthening the economy and global competitiveness of the Cayman Islands.

We do this through...

  • Engaging and equipping our valued employees with the development and tools to perform at their optimal potential to deliver high quality customer centric service
  • Providing effective career support for Caymanians
  • Collaborating with the business community
  • Utilising information and technology to inform current and future employment needs
  • Fairly and transparently processing applications for work permits, residency, and the right to be Caymanian


We believe in...

  • Treating everyone with dignity and respect
  • Providing high quality customer service in a fair and transparent way
  • Taking pride in supporting a prosperous and cohesive society
  • Advancing a sustainable economy
  • Personal accountability through dedication, hard work and commitment
  • Providing clear and consistent communication
  • Engendering trust through responsiveness and continuous improvement
  • Teamwork and collaboration