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Message from the Premier

With WORC, we are restructuring the country’s labour market as to how employment and workforce development in the Cayman Islands is managed.

The Government’s objective is to ensure all Caymanians have the opportunity to successfully attain employment, and that the Cayman Islands continues to function as a well-supplied business community that is globally competitive.

Through the development of modern strategies, services and processes, WORC will build effective workforce readiness skills in conjunction with an efficient, fair, and transparent work permit and permanent residency regime.

The new department will deliver durable employment and opportunities for the advancement of Caymanians through development, training, internships, apprenticeships and partnerships with private sector businesses. Additionally, WORC will have responsibility for the processing of work permits, permanent residency and Caymanian Status applications. 

Over the past 50 years we have moved the Cayman Islands from a village economy to world class tourism and financial services centre, where we enjoy the highest standard of living in the region, and continue to be attractive to businesses and investors.

WORC will engage with the business community and incorporate new systems and processes that will enable us to collect the data that we need in order to make informed decisions going forward, such as what courses to offer in our schools, so that young Caymanians can best prepare for roles that local businesses will need. 

WORC will assist us in equipping Caymanians for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

The key to economic growth is a flourishing private sector business community that creates employment for Caymanians.  To do so we must not only have trained qualified Caymanians available to take up the available jobs,  but Government and private sector must ensure that Caymanians who are trained and qualified have a real opportunity to  find employment and to progress their careers.  And where no Caymanians are available then business must have the opportunity to hire overseas talent with a work permit process that is efficient and fair to all involved.  

And individuals who come to help us build and grow our Islands and who wish to become a part of the Caymanian fabric must have an opportunity to do so with a transparent residency system that ensures that they are treated fairly but one that also protects the interests of Caymanians and the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands’ robust economy was founded on the strong entrepreneurial spirit of Caymanians, and we plan to continue our progress forward leaving no one behind.