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WORC COVID-19 Measures -
Services still offered while the office is closed

During this time of national uncertainty, we appreciate the spectrum of vulnerability across our diverse customer base of individuals, families, corporate entities, and public sector partners alike.

Given the potential for COVID-19 to cause significant socio-economic impact to the Cayman Islands, the team at Workforce Opportunities and Residency Cayman (WORC) is actively evaluating and making changes to our policies and service delivery methods as necessary to responsibly maintain continuity of operations.

Employment Services
Our Employment Service Officers are equipped for remote working, and as such they will proactively establish contact with our current and newly registered Caymanian Job Seeker customers to offer specialist guidance, support, and assistance via phone and video conferencing.

If you have registered  and have not yet been contacted, we ask that you reach out to the one of the Employment Service Officer listed below:

Employers and Job Seekers who are already registered with JobsCayman or want to register and have a laptop or table device (registration not available using a mobile phone at this time) please view the ‘How To’ Guides below for help:

How To Register as a Job Seeker

How To Register a Person

How To Register an Employer

How To Add an Associated Company

How To Review Applicants

How To Cancel a Case

How To Submit a Job Post

How To Add an Agent

For additional assistance using the portal call 925-9639 or
email between 9am – 4pm Monday thru Friday.

Passport Endorsements Stamps
Effective 20 March, until further notice, WORC will no longer provide passport endorsement stamps. 

If your Work Permit has been approved and you have received a Work Permit License (approval letter) will act as the authority you need for any travel purposes.

If you have not received your Work Permit License (approval letter), contact: 
WORC Call Centre – 945-9672 or Customer Care WhatsApp  925-7199 or email

Work Permit Renewals 
In the interest of reducing the burden on medical personnel and facilities, applications submitted between 20 March and 20 May for a renewal of a Work Permit will not require a medical.

Work Permit Holders
Persons with work permit facilities or Term Limits that expire during this period may continue working on the same terms as their current permissions but will be required to report to the WORC offices when it re-opens.

Permanent Residency
PR holders whose right to work fees become due during this period may also continue to work under the same terms as their current permissions then submit the requisite payment and documentation to WORC when the office reopens. 


Training & Development 
Workshops have been cancelled for the next 2 weeks, however, key team members are accessible via phone or email from 9am – 4pm Monday thru Friday: 

-Passport2Success – Paul 925 5827 |   

-National Training &  Development & Ready2WorkKY– Dianne 925 7230   email

Customers in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac wishing to lodge a complaint should do so by email only, by contacting  This email address will be checked daily and resulting actions handled by a WORC Compliance Manager.  

Do your part to save lives. We ask that all persons comply with the curfew and regulations as stated by the Cayman Islands Government.

For official information visit



Updated 26 March 2020

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