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The JobsCayman payment portal has been upgraded to allow applications to be uploaded at the same time as the payment online.

Below link is to the 'How To' PDF Guide
How To Make a stand alone payment

Below link is to the video 'How To' instruction

Click to see the video on how to make a Stand alone payment

JobsCayman Portal 'How To' Guides

How To Register as a Job Seeker

How To Register as a Person

How to Cancel a Case

How To Register as an Employer

How To Review Applicants

How To Submit a Job Post

How To Add an Associated Company

How To Add an Agent

How a Job seeker can view past jobs and application details

How To Discontinue SMS Message Notifications

How Employers can do a high level search and invitation for potential candidates

How Job seekers can enable or disable automatic email notifications for job matchings


  • NEW IMPORTANT NOTE: The email inboxes and have been disabled as of 14 February 2022.
    Emails submitted to these inboxes will not be received.

    *Applications can now be uploaded when making payment online using the JobsCayman StandAlone Payment Portal.

  • - Application for Direct Deposit of Vendor Payments and Refunds Form

Work Permits

To cancel a Work Permit complete the cancellation form under the page called Applications or click here
Send the completed form via email to
In the email include the following information: 
File Number | Employee Full Name | Employee Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY) and Reason for Cancellation.



If you are owed a refund by WORC it can collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am – 2pm at the WORC office at Apollo House West at 87 Mary Street George Town.


WORC now has an online complaints process. Customers in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac wishing to lodge a complaint may do so by visiting the Complaints page on this website.


To review the WORC Complaints Policy click here


Endorsement Stamps - Are these being issued?

Endorsement stamps are provided once you have a valid permit, without prejudice.  If you are travelling, and your work permit renewal was submitted prior to expiration, we will provide a passport endorsement stamp.

We are also providing re-entry stamps.

Visit the FAQs on the FAQ page at the top navigation bar to get answers to your pending questions or contact our Customer Care team by completing the “Get in Touch’ form below.